Sunday, July 18, 2010

Photography Club

I have started going to a small photography club at the rec center. Our assignment before the next meeting is to take pictures of flowers.

I like thistles and Brenda knew where to find some.

Then we went down to Tusayan yesterday and snapped a few pictures of the flowers outside of the IMAX.

Xanterra Olympics

Robin flipped the step-ladder
F&B team going through the event

HR team won for best shirt design

F&B~#1 team

Monday, July 12, 2010


Went walking through this ghost town--don't think Brenda was to impressed with it, but I thought it was kind of cool.

old mine shaft inside the ghost town we walked through

I liked this store

we ate lunch here

If I ever go back to Jerome, then I want to eat in the Asylum restaurant

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Oak Creek Canyon

We left at 8am yesterday, and Doris drove down to Jerome. Along the way we stopped at Oak Creek Canyon.

Now for some reason Brenda & Doris thought I would freak out or something when I saw this road. They are so silly...cuz there was nothing wrong with it.

Doris found a few lizards running around.

just pretty red flowers My son used to think that flowers had to be red in order to be pretty. These sure did look nice

looking down in to the canyon

Monday, July 5, 2010


January 21, 1976--July 4, 2010

old pic of my baby brother Scott & Sherra

Their wedding July 2009
(only married 11 1/2 months)

@ Dave's wedding in 2007

obviously she liked halloween too
~I found her old survey on myspace~

*Ten Random Things About Me*
1.I will try ALMOST anything once
2.I want to go back to school
3.When I first met my best friend way back in grade school I thought she was a witch. (Sorry Sheryl)
4.I have jumped from an airplane 40+ times
5.I have driven atleast 38 different sports cars. ( a hobby of long ago)
6.I have never liked seeing pictures of myself
7.I can fit my whole fist in my mouth
8.I've found my soulmate
9.I am number 8 in a family of 16 children
10.There are 4 people in my life who I would give the world to see atleast one more time to say goodbye (you will always be in my heart and I want you to know I am happy)

*Nine Ways To Win My Heart*
1.Surprise me. (Ty for the flowers hun!)
2.Hold me when you don't know what else to do
3.Knowing you love me so much it hurts you to see me cry
4.Being who you are and not caring what others think gentle
6.Support and believe in the ones you love
7.Trust that I will always love you
8.Stand up for the under dog
9.Keep trying

*Eight Things I Want To Do Before I Die*
1.Grow old with Scott
2.Get the above mentioned to be more adventurous in certain areas
3.Become a mommy (possible side affect of the two previous answers)
4.drop atleast 100lbs.
5.Learn to play an instrument (perferably the saxophone) a house the world
8.change someone's life for the better

*Seven Ways To Annoy Me*
1. Answering my question with another
2. Let me just say it's best to leave the radio in my car alone
3. Put a child in harms way
4. While a person may know their butt is big or their boobs aren' t the way they use to be they don't need someone they care about to keep pointing it out. It only makes them hate their body more. (Are you reading this Scott?)
5. Thinking that just because you can afford something then everyone else must be able to also.
6. Going back on your word
7. Trying to make me smile when I don't want to (even though it always works. ty for not giving up!)

*Six Turn Ons*
1. A nice clean shaven head
2. Sing to me
3. Giving massages much better turn on than recieving although that works too
4. Tickle me
5. Knowing when to and not to lie to me.

*Five Things I Am Afraid Of*
1. Never seeing the ones I love ever again
2. Anger
3. Being unloved and/or alone
4. disappointing others
5. Fools who treat the lives of millions as pawns in a game

*Four Favorite Items In My Room*
1. Snoopy!
2. my books
3. my digital picture frame
4. an orange painted for me when I was a kid (yes, it's a real orange and no, I'm not strange. Where would you get that idea?)

*Three Things I Do Everyday*
1. Smile
2. Laugh
3. Thank God for placing such wonderful people in my life
*Two Things I Could Not Live Without*
1. Scott Landon
2. Music. I must have music!
*One Person I Want To See*
Myself, as others see me because they seem to see something in me that I don't
**thought this last answer of hers was terrific**
unfortunately she was only 34 when she died, and she was only with my brother a few years so she never got to do some of the things she wanted to do before she died.