Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Roomie

Well, last night I got a new roommate. I was just getting to sleep when she got here.

She is from Taiwan, and her name is Winnie...yes like "winnie the pooh". She laughed when she saw the stuffed winnie the pooh that I have for my grandson.

She will have orientation on Thursday but she thinks she will work in the coffeshop down at BA. She is hoping to get into Colter Hall in a couple weeks..which will be closer to where she will be working. I have tomorrow off work, so maybe if she has nothing planned, I will show her where the coffeeshop is.

Right now she is cooking noodles & veggies in my microwave for her classmates, Samantha, Vivian, and Lex...who are all sitting out in the hallway waiting. Samantha is staying in room #8, and Vivian is across the hall in room #10. They all seem very pleasant for now and even though I can't understand all their chatter, it is actually nice to hear a bunch of kids laughing together. Sorta reminds me of when my own kids would get together.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

caring for someone VS controlling them

why is it, that when u care for someone they start thinking that u should spend every free moment with them? If I tell them that I plan on being busy at the library or rec center...they just assume that they will tag along & demand to go with me. If I plan on doing my online school stuff after work....they actually wait at the bus stop for me to get home, so they can tell me that I have to go to their place. Are men born deaf or what?

I don't need a co-worker or anyone else playing 20 questions about what I do outside of work...or giving me the third degree about who I am with or wanting to know where the hell I have been every second of the day. Now if it were any other guy, I would ask "what kind of dumb ego trip they were on" I mean really, why do guys assume that just cuz you ain't with them, then that must mean you are with a new boyfriend? Somehow he needs to realize that we are in the 21st century and "yes, I might be unusual" but a woman can actually enjoy a day all by herself.

Just cuz one person is bored or lonely, doesn't mean they should insist on another person moving in with them....noooo it means they just need to get a life, cuz I have been in controlling relationships before and there ain't no way I am doing it again. Sure, maybe thats part of the problem and also the fact I have been by myself for so long that I got used to it. But if that works for me then I see no reason to change it now.
As the saying goes~"if it ain't broken, then don't fix it"

Monday, June 9, 2008

Heaven in a blender

I'm having fun making lots of smoothies with my blender (and had to post this one so I won't forget it)

Crispy Hippie Smoothie
8 ounces soymilk
1 scoop Designer Whey Protein~ Chocolate
1 whole banana — peeled & frozen
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon Natural Peanut Butter
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup granola

Place all ingredients, except granola, in blender and process for about 45 seconds or until smooth. Add granola and pulse a few times until well mixed.

Now who can resist peanut butter & chocolate? Hey this is my healthier version of the Reese's candybars.
I have bought more fruit this week~mango, bananas, cantaloupe, fresh strawberries and have frozen peaches & blackberries in my freezer. I can mix them with either yogurt or soymilk.
Maybe I will try some kiwi...my kids love it but I never did. But then I remember not to long ago, that I didn't like cantaloupe or watermelon either and now I love the stuff.

Lately one of my co-workers from Singapore has said that my food I get during our lunchbreaks is boring, cuz I usually get a yogurt & bagel with peanut butter...or the breakfast potatoes. Maybe I should bring him in a smoothie and see if he likes that. And one of the cashiers was wondering what happened to the sausage that I used to eat so much, till I told him that I was on a diet.
The cook I call Grandpa, even gave me tomato juice yesterday. Now we don't sell tomato juice, so he must of been using it to cook something. Guess he figured if I was on this weight-loss competition then the juice was better for me then the watered-down lemonade or coffee I drink often while working.

My family has a huge list of medical problems and I would bet that the majority of them was caused by the food they eat. As my dad used to say "If you eat junk, then you become junk". Of course after my brothers & I grew up and left home...he ate junk and is paying for it now, just like every single one of his siblings. I refuse to follow in the family tradition of taking tons of pills to help with a sickness that is mainly caused by pigging out on crap.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back home

Well my vacation didn't go as planned...seems like the more you plan something, the more life wants to throw you a curveball. I spent most of my vacation in Flagstaff by myself...but did get to some film developed...finally and I got to try out a new chinese restaurant.
When I got home I instantly noticed that my Singapore roomie had left (she moved to the cabins by Maswik) so I got the room to myself again...YEE-HAW!

I also had to get over to the rec center for my weekly weigh-in. I lost 3.2 pounds, Bob lost 2.8, and Patty lost 6 pounds this last week. Course I had to ask her how she did it.....she was on a cleansing diet for the week.
Now that I have the room to myself, I could put strawberries, cantaloupe & plain yogurt into the blender this morning at 3:20am, without having to worry about waking anybody else up.

Yesterday when I went back to work, the breakfast cook, Charlie, had a notice on the bulletin board about needing a new roommate...he started joking around & telling people that I was his new roomie.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

All work & no play

would surely make a dull day....

Now I went into Yavapai on my day off yesterday, just so I could get pictures of the Thai kids working on thier last day here. Ning-Ning is the busser here & I couldn't resist aiming her cleaning spray bottle at her. Guess the poor kid actually thought I would soak her with the bleach water.