Monday, January 15, 2018


Hello everyone, The last few years I have been all over the country. 2015...went to work at Mt Rushmore for the Summer season, Then 2015-2016 Winter season I went to Death Valley. Summer of 2016, I went to Yellowstone but I left early. So from mid-July to September 1st, I stayed in Cedar City Utah. The picture below is from a park in Cedar City that I loved to visit. It wasn't there when I lived here in the 80's.
Then I came back to work in the Desert View area of the Grand Canyon National Park...I love this area of the park. So quiet and remote. Well some personal issues popped up (that I won't get into) and I ended up leaving AZ. Went to stay with an aunt in Georgia for about 2.5 months. Then got a car from her neighbors and moved to Brunswick, Georgia. I stayed in Georgia till Thanksgiving then took a greyhound bus back to AZ. See my car stopped working a few months after I bought it. So now I am working in the general store in Tusayan. I like the job, but hate the housing hoping to save $$$ to move again. Actually I already applied for couple jobs inside the park.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I am still here

Yes, it's been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. I left NH, to return to AZ, in March 2014. Then I moved to Las Vegas in Nov 2014. Now I am applying to variety of seasonal jobs. I had a phone interview yesterday for a prep cook/waitress job @ Cliff Dwellers Lodge at Marble Canyon, AZ. It's near Lees Ferry...about 45 minutes South of Page, AZ. Usually I hate interviews, but this was more like the guy telling me about the company & wanting to make sure I could handle living in isolation. Oh believe me, I thrive better in isolation better then most people I know. The guy said he would call at a later date after he figures out the exact start date...sometime in late February. Now while I was at the Desert View are of the Grand Canyon, last year I had picked up some historical books on that area, and had wanted to explore it for myself. Now I might get my chance to do that.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Heading Back to Arizona

I applied to jobs with Xanterra again this in Crater lake, Zion and a job at the Grand Canyon. Well after finally filling out all the needed info on the website, I finally got a job offer at the Grand canyon 4 days later. Not the job I applied for but only took them 4 days to offer me a job. WOW, I have personally heard the HR staff tell people that it takes at least 4 weeks to hear anything; and it only took me 4 days. I guess I should look at thaat in a positive light. :) I start back to work there on July 16th. I am leaving Cooper Landing on July 2nd, to go spend a couple days in Anchorage and then I fly out to Phoenix on July 5th. My brother paid for the plane ticket and prices get jacked up after the 5th. So I'm trying to arrange a schedule to visit a friend in Prescott for a few days, and then spend a few days in Flagstaff and then maybe a couple days visiting another friend in Williams before I start work. Right now it's almost midnight in Alaska, but you can walk all around the yard without a flashlight. I love the fact that it doesn't really get dark here, but I also love the sunsets at the Grand canyon. But it gets so dark in Arizona after a sunset. I guess in order to enjoy a sunset I will have to tolerate the darkness again. There was a few things I had wanted to do at the canyon before and never gotten around to do them; guess I'm getting a second chance to check off more items on my bucket-list now.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Friend- Willow the Mule

I'm riding a HUGE mule named Willow. She was so big I needed help getting on & off of her. Once I was on her, she didn't seem so big. The wranglers chose this mule for me because she is good with kids and anyone who is not used to riding. But someone really needs to invent a padded saddle, cuz my butt still hurts this morning. Not sure how the mule-packers & tour guides can ride everyday....course someone on facebook told me that your butt gets tenderized and toughens up when you ride alot.

Well I can cross the mule-ride off my bucket list now, and I have no desire to do it again. My mule was great but the saddle was not. Not sure how I am going to work today...glad I only have a 1/2 shift today.

Today I woke up to snow outside and some very cold wind...glad I ain't riding a mule today :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pics of the day: DEER

I walked down to Maswik to get something to eat, for an early dinner. Saw these deer on my walk back home today...around 4pm.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Wow, what a year!

My favorite aunt died in April & my best friend left the Grand Canyon Park in June, then my mom dies unexpectedly on December 7th.

I did get to enjoy a smooth River trip in July and I took a greyhound bus to Missouri in August, to watch my son graduate from basic training.

I interviewed for a job in human resources in August but I didn't get the job...just as well because now I have 85 days left of work here before I move on to Anchorage,AK.