Saturday, March 21, 2009


well I have been back at Yavapai for 2 weeks now, and last night I got Michael to sign the transfer paper so I can go work at the kennels. I was put back on yavapai's schedule as a line server during night shift(which I hate) For the 2 yrs I have been here I never asked to be a line server and never officially had the job title of server but for some unknown reason its the job I have done the most here.
It seems so silly that he wouldn't let me stay at Maswik to cook even though all the managers at Maswik said I could stay, but he had no problem letting me go to the kennels. So anyways, I will be walking down to the kennels later today to talk with the lead, Karen.

How hard can it be to work at the kennels:
u feed animals
u wash animals
u clean-up after them
u keep track of the vet/Dr. schedule
u keep track of who walks the dogs every month
keep guests dogs for a weekend while they are on vacation
answer guests calls about lost pets or whatever
Maybe help find new homes for animals elsewhere

The kennels are open sometime around 7am-5pm, and it takes me about 20-25 minutes to walk there from my room...but I'm not sure where the kennel workers clock in for work. Hmmm, I will have to find that out.
But oh yes, I imagine that job being more alot less stressful then working in a cafeteria and the hours are better too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patrick's Day

I would say that someone got a little carried away with the green theme for St Patrick's Day. Well anyways I found this girl wondering around Target and couldn't resist taking a picture of the green hair.
This shot is inside 1 of my favorite stores in Flagstaff. Brenda & I on most of our trips into Flagstaff. As you can see there is alot of different stuff. I didn't buy anything there on this trip though. But sometime I might go back in and get a Buddha statue that I like. During my trip yesterday I was anxious to go to Micheal's and check out some new bead store that Brenda had found before.

Friday, March 13, 2009

2 years

wow, I have been here at the Grand Canyon for 2 yrs now. Not sure whats the bigger miracle...that I actually stayed-put & kept working for the same company or that the company hasn't fired me for something dumb. Sure a better paying job (even a better 1 within this same company) would be nice but I guess I can't complain least I got my own room and don't have to worry about room-mates anymore and the rent is cheap....unlike most places in the country.

I had found some little booklet last month that I had gotten during the back of the booklet I had listed some stuff that I wanted to do while I was here. I still haven't taken a helicopter ride over the canyon, I still want to do the smooth-river raft trip, I still want to check out the "ghost town", Jerome and in June I am finally going to camp-out for 1 night down at Indian Gardens.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Money problems getting better by the minute~NOT!

OK, last month I had problems with Qwest...they had disconnected my phone & internet. Well after paying them $240 and sending back some of their equipment (that I had already paid for but never was still in original wrapping) they finally turned my internet back on. I said to hell with the phone. And of course Qwest would not turn anything back on unless all past bills were paid up-to-date.

So why is it that after just a week or two (forget exactly how long its been) why is my qwest bill now $152.
We must have the most expensive internet service in the country up here at the canyon.
Well seeing as the court in NH has already claimed all of my next paycheck, it looks like Qwestt will be shutting my computer off again at the end of the month.

court induced diet

I might have found a new way to win this weight-loss contest thats going on at the Grand Canyon.Saturday is my weigh-in day for the competition and this last week I lost 4.2 pounds.

I also found out that a court in NH will be deducting $194.25 from my paychecks from now on. (My gross pay won't even be that much on next paycheck, so I ain't sure what magic act the court will pull off to have that happen...guess the judge's name must of been HOUDINI)

so anyways seeing as I won't be getting any money for a looooong time...I'll be sure to lose some more weight during this contest.losing weight will be a great thing..but..but..I'm still a little confused on how a court can expect & automatically take out more money from a paycheck, then what a company pays you. Guess I need to start asking for a raise.

Monday, March 2, 2009

My clinic visit

spent this past weekend with a headache that just didn't want to go away. So because of that and a couple other annoying problems I finally decided to go to the clinic today. Went through the usual vital checks...weight check, blood pressure, and the check list for family medical history stuff.

First...the scale at the clinic weighs in about 5 pounds more then the scales at the rec center(where I go for the weightloss competition). My blood pressure might have been considered normal by the nurse who took it, but it was the highest I think it has ever been. She kept telling me that it was nothing to worry about and that being in pain makes blood pressure rise. Well DUH! I've worked in hospitals before so I knew that...but also knew that even while delivering 7 kids or after 2 different car crashes that my blood pressure wasn't as high as it was today.Later the doctor told me to come back in a week to re-check it because it was higher then she woulda liked it too.

Well the doctor finally gave me a shot for the headaches and another shot for nausea.I also have to schedule time to do a diabetes test. Guess it might just be another family trait that I got. Geez high BP would mean I need to watch my salt intake, and diabetes means I need to watch my sugar & carbs intake...ok, time to really empty out the cupboards once and for all.

I stopped into work to give the manager's the note from the clinic saying I would not be at work tonight. When 1 manager saw me, he looked surprised and very nicely told me I didn't look good. Well, I also got a weeks supply of tylenol with codeine, so for now I'm going to bed.