Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My new Glasses

I finally got back to Eye Masters to pick up my new glasses. It's going to take some time to get used to them. I can read signs that are off in a distance alot better but some stuff thats up close are now fuzzy/blurry. In fact some stuff up close I see better without the glasses and that's what I needed glasses for.
Seems I have myopia,presbyopia & astigmatism and need to wear the glasses constantly. But I went out for breakfast at Macy's coffeehouse without them this morning. Luckily it's just around the corner from the hostel where I'm staying. So I wasn't without the glasses for to long.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

50 years

Genevieve (with blue dress) with her sister, Alma
Now I remember Genevieve telling us before that when they were born on the Rez, that a nurse came around once a month to fill out birth certificates and all the babies that were born since her last visit would all get the same date written on their certificates.

so for example: if a nurse came on August 1st, and then again on Sept 1st.....all the babies born after August 1st would end up with a birthdate of Sept 1st, written on their birth certificate. Now that would really mess up with people who believe in horoscopes.
Can you imagine working for the same company; doing the same job for 50 years? She has been working here longer then I have been alive.

Mary standing behind Genevieve has been here for 40 years. Kathleen gave Mary a framed photo of her dad with Albert Einstien

Genevieve's niece readjusting her dress.
Well it will be rather nice to see Gene back at work, cleaning the building I live in. She took alot of time off this Summer to have eye surgery.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What a week

Randy Nelson: (guy in the middle holding the tray of pot pies)
August 14, 1988-August 23, 2010

Died when a truck he was in hit a tree on Center road.

Amy Tacey: Nov 14, 1965-Aug 19, 2010
Died after 3 yrs of cancer.

I also went for a job interview at El Tovar. They will make a decision next week on the concierge job.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

DuBeau Hostel

This is room #8, where I stayed for a few nights during my little mini-vacation in Flagstaff this week. My first night there I only shared the room with a mother & daughter from California. My last night there, the room was full with 1 girl from Australia, 3 from France, 1 from Denmark, 1 (maybe 2 )from California.

This was 2 people from Italy. The guy had lost his luggage at Phoenix airport, so all he has for the rest of his 3-week vacation is the backpack on his back. The lady was leaving Flagstaff today to head out to Vegas. This lady mixed her green tea with a little soy milk & Protein drink-Naked Juice.

1 shot of the common room in the main building of the hostel.

Looking towards the backyard/courtyard area.

Just as Brenda brought me home, I remembered that I left my work hat at the hostel. I called them up but they couldn't find it. Oh well, I will be back there next week when I have to pick up my glasses from "Eye Masters".

Shopping with Brenda

I went to Savers with Brenda yesterday. I found 2 pair of pants & 2 tank tops. Then we went to the mall. Brenda was looking for jeans, because since she quit smoking she has gained weight.
Well first we went in "Torrids" and Brenda couldn't figure out why alot of the jeans were ripped. Brenda even asked the saleslady about the holey jeans, which the saleslady explained that it was the 'in' style at the moment. Then we went to "C J Banks" and found alot of clothes that we liked.
And poor Brenda got stuck trying on clothes for probably an hour. In fact the above picture was taken at "C J Banks" while Brenda was looking for a tank top to go underneath a blouse.
She must of tried on a couple dozen tops that the saleslady & I kept finding for her, but ended up only buying 2 pair of pants & 3 shirts.
Now Brenda wasn't to thrilled with the mirrors in the dressing room at this store either. We both decided that we definately needed to lose weight....and then went to eat at "Jack-in-the-Box".
By the time we got to Fry's to go grocery shopping...either I was stuffed from eating and my stomache hurt , maybe,from wearing pants that were slightly to tight, I just wasnt in the mood to shop anymore.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My day at the mall

Now I dont get to the Flagstaff mall often, because Brenda doesn't like shopping there. So seeing as I'm in Flagstaff by myself I decided to go.

The food court had some yummy looking desserts across from where I ate at "The Flaming Wok" which was also yummy.

I went into "Eye Masters" to see if I could get an appointment, they were a little busy so I had to schedule it for about 2 hrs later.
While waiting I went shopping at Dillards. Who ever makes mirrors for store dressing rooms....needs a new job. Dressing room mirrors are A-W-F-U-L!! You would think that stores would want to make sure that customers look extra good when trying on clothes and have mirrors that make you look smaller. But OMG, I never want to see my thighs or my butt in another dressing room mirror. The 2 ladies helping me find clothes were great though.

Well I finally got back to Eye Masters. Dr Robin Sinn was nice (and reminded me of Winnie~an old roommate)I had to order bifocals. My glasses should be ready in about 7-10 days, which means I will be spending more time in Flagstaff again.
After leaving Eye Masters, some guy selling some sea salt skin care stuff tried his best to sell me something but it didnt do any good; even though I used to own a kit of that product and liked it.

I was tired from a long day at the mall, so when I finally caught the bus back to the hostel (at about 3:30), I stayed there even though I had an all-day pass to ride the bus. I guess next week Flagstaff is changing a couple bus routes and will have less buses going to the mall.

And as stated yesterday...my mall pictures will have to wait until I get home.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend in Flagstaff

I'm staying at the DuBeau Hostel. Usually I stay at the "Grand Canyon Hostel but decided to try this one on this trip....so glad I did.
The first night I ended up with a mother & young daughter for roomies. The mom had somehow froze a bottle of wine and ended up with a wine slushie(never knew wine could freeze). I think I have finally learned not to eat at "Dara Thai" restaurant anymore too.
Yesterday I got a pretty cool roomie from Australia...she is taking a tour today up to the Grand Canyon. Last night we got 3 more people from France in our room. I could have done without them.

Yesterday I went to WalMart and bought a blackberry phone...kept it for about 3 hours, then took it back to the store and got a full refund. I swear I need a "cell phone 101" college class in order to use the darn thing. If car dealers can let you test drive cars before you buy them, then verizon should be able to let you test drive a cell phone first too. So after getting my refund, I decided to go baby shopping for my newest grand-daughter (Emily Cheyenne). She is a month old now and living in the pan-handle area of Florida.

Today I ate breakfast with some interesting people from Italy. (I took a pic of 2 people this morning but forgot the cord to connect camera to the computer at home so pics will have to be added later).
Later today I will go up to the mall, and see about getting an eye check-up at "Eye Masters". They have started hurting again the last couple weeks. Brenda should be in Flagstaff tomorrow to go grocery shopping, so I will either meet up with her at Fry's or at Micheal's craft shop.

Monday, August 2, 2010

7 Deadly Sins

Well last night I was at Brenda's watching the movie Seven starring Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman.
Decided that we have all 7 sins right here in this national park. But first a copied list of the 7 sins (in case I forget them later)

PRIDE: excess belief in your own abilities (vanity). Once upon a time, an old school teacher must of told us to "believe in ourselves" and people go overboard on that advice. It's annoying listening to some employees brag about what they know how to do or what they have done.

ENVY:desire for other's traits or situation. It's the key behind every advertisement thats on tv or the internet. A sin because it eats away at the heart in a envious person. I guess I get this sin once in awhile when co-workers are using cell phones and I start thinking I need one.

GLUTTONY:consume more then you require. I don't have bulimia but I do have my moments of "pigging-out" every so often.

LUST:craving to please the body. I think this is 1 sin I have given up...but hey I could be wrong too; unlike the Russian kids that we had here a few years ago.

WRATH:anger) This is the sin I remind myself to control the most when at work.

GREED:desire for material gain. I have surely gained this sin during the last 3 years at the canyon especially with all my online shopping.

SLOTH:avoidance of physical or spritual work (lazy). Oh yes, I am guilty of this~my room proves that. In fact most online quizzes say I am guilty of sloth, out of all the 7 deadly sins.