Sunday, August 29, 2010

50 years

Genevieve (with blue dress) with her sister, Alma
Now I remember Genevieve telling us before that when they were born on the Rez, that a nurse came around once a month to fill out birth certificates and all the babies that were born since her last visit would all get the same date written on their certificates.

so for example: if a nurse came on August 1st, and then again on Sept 1st.....all the babies born after August 1st would end up with a birthdate of Sept 1st, written on their birth certificate. Now that would really mess up with people who believe in horoscopes.
Can you imagine working for the same company; doing the same job for 50 years? She has been working here longer then I have been alive.

Mary standing behind Genevieve has been here for 40 years. Kathleen gave Mary a framed photo of her dad with Albert Einstien

Genevieve's niece readjusting her dress.
Well it will be rather nice to see Gene back at work, cleaning the building I live in. She took alot of time off this Summer to have eye surgery.

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