Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekend in Flagstaff

I'm staying at the DuBeau Hostel. Usually I stay at the "Grand Canyon Hostel but decided to try this one on this glad I did.
The first night I ended up with a mother & young daughter for roomies. The mom had somehow froze a bottle of wine and ended up with a wine slushie(never knew wine could freeze). I think I have finally learned not to eat at "Dara Thai" restaurant anymore too.
Yesterday I got a pretty cool roomie from Australia...she is taking a tour today up to the Grand Canyon. Last night we got 3 more people from France in our room. I could have done without them.

Yesterday I went to WalMart and bought a blackberry phone...kept it for about 3 hours, then took it back to the store and got a full refund. I swear I need a "cell phone 101" college class in order to use the darn thing. If car dealers can let you test drive cars before you buy them, then verizon should be able to let you test drive a cell phone first too. So after getting my refund, I decided to go baby shopping for my newest grand-daughter (Emily Cheyenne). She is a month old now and living in the pan-handle area of Florida.

Today I ate breakfast with some interesting people from Italy. (I took a pic of 2 people this morning but forgot the cord to connect camera to the computer at home so pics will have to be added later).
Later today I will go up to the mall, and see about getting an eye check-up at "Eye Masters". They have started hurting again the last couple weeks. Brenda should be in Flagstaff tomorrow to go grocery shopping, so I will either meet up with her at Fry's or at Micheal's craft shop.

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