Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shopping with Brenda

I went to Savers with Brenda yesterday. I found 2 pair of pants & 2 tank tops. Then we went to the mall. Brenda was looking for jeans, because since she quit smoking she has gained weight.
Well first we went in "Torrids" and Brenda couldn't figure out why alot of the jeans were ripped. Brenda even asked the saleslady about the holey jeans, which the saleslady explained that it was the 'in' style at the moment. Then we went to "C J Banks" and found alot of clothes that we liked.
And poor Brenda got stuck trying on clothes for probably an hour. In fact the above picture was taken at "C J Banks" while Brenda was looking for a tank top to go underneath a blouse.
She must of tried on a couple dozen tops that the saleslady & I kept finding for her, but ended up only buying 2 pair of pants & 3 shirts.
Now Brenda wasn't to thrilled with the mirrors in the dressing room at this store either. We both decided that we definately needed to lose weight....and then went to eat at "Jack-in-the-Box".
By the time we got to Fry's to go grocery shopping...either I was stuffed from eating and my stomache hurt , maybe,from wearing pants that were slightly to tight, I just wasnt in the mood to shop anymore.

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