Monday, August 2, 2010

7 Deadly Sins

Well last night I was at Brenda's watching the movie Seven starring Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman.
Decided that we have all 7 sins right here in this national park. But first a copied list of the 7 sins (in case I forget them later)

PRIDE: excess belief in your own abilities (vanity). Once upon a time, an old school teacher must of told us to "believe in ourselves" and people go overboard on that advice. It's annoying listening to some employees brag about what they know how to do or what they have done.

ENVY:desire for other's traits or situation. It's the key behind every advertisement thats on tv or the internet. A sin because it eats away at the heart in a envious person. I guess I get this sin once in awhile when co-workers are using cell phones and I start thinking I need one.

GLUTTONY:consume more then you require. I don't have bulimia but I do have my moments of "pigging-out" every so often.

LUST:craving to please the body. I think this is 1 sin I have given up...but hey I could be wrong too; unlike the Russian kids that we had here a few years ago.

WRATH:anger) This is the sin I remind myself to control the most when at work.

GREED:desire for material gain. I have surely gained this sin during the last 3 years at the canyon especially with all my online shopping.

SLOTH:avoidance of physical or spritual work (lazy). Oh yes, I am guilty of this~my room proves that. In fact most online quizzes say I am guilty of sloth, out of all the 7 deadly sins.

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