Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Roomie

Well, last night I got a new roommate. I was just getting to sleep when she got here.

She is from Taiwan, and her name is Winnie...yes like "winnie the pooh". She laughed when she saw the stuffed winnie the pooh that I have for my grandson.

She will have orientation on Thursday but she thinks she will work in the coffeshop down at BA. She is hoping to get into Colter Hall in a couple weeks..which will be closer to where she will be working. I have tomorrow off work, so maybe if she has nothing planned, I will show her where the coffeeshop is.

Right now she is cooking noodles & veggies in my microwave for her classmates, Samantha, Vivian, and Lex...who are all sitting out in the hallway waiting. Samantha is staying in room #8, and Vivian is across the hall in room #10. They all seem very pleasant for now and even though I can't understand all their chatter, it is actually nice to hear a bunch of kids laughing together. Sorta reminds me of when my own kids would get together.

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