Tuesday, July 1, 2008

long day

Yesterday I got into Yavapai at 5:30am & I didn't get home until 5pm.

We got 2 more new lineservers, so during my normal first shift I got to stay on the salad bar and not have to really deal with customers if I didn't want to. Seeing as there were so many lineservers we got a 45 minute break. I was scheduled for break at 8:30-9:45. But I got to take another short break (on the clock) seeing as I agreed to stay late to help out in the kitchen...I told manager & Tai that I wanted to eat fish first before going into kitchen...well at 12:30 the manager came to tell me that there was only 1 piece of salmon left so if I wanted it that I should go grab it now.
I helped in the kitchen cuz Dave called out sick and there were only 4 people scheduled to work in kitchen. And Tai had a small banquet at 7pm.

By the time I got home..my lower back and right foot was killing me. It was only 83 degrees out but I was sweating like a pig. (do pigs actually sweat? if not then where did we got that silly saying)

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