Wednesday, July 16, 2008

revolving door

I am now with my 3rd asian roomie, all within about 2 months. They come and go so much that I think I need a revolving door for my room.

Now I wasn't so sorry to see the first one move out, but then the second one immediately told me that she was only staying in my room for 2 weeks before moving with her friends to another dorm...well when those 2 weeks were up and she was still here...I was GLAD. But yesterday when I woke up, she had left a note on my keyboard telling me that the other room was available and she was moving out that day. What a bummer of a way to start the day, well I went to work without waking her and she walked into Yavapai kitchen to say goodbye & give me a little gift. At least she ain't leaving the park for awhile, so I can still see her at Maswik working.

Yesterday afternoon, I was walking around the park and happened to see some kids with luggage at yup, it didn't take long to get another roomie. This time I got a 22 year old from China. This is her first time in the USA.
She will have orientation tomorrow & Friday....not sure yet if I'm hoping she ends up working mornings or nights, but sure I'll get used to whatever schedule she ends up with.
I'm just hoping that by the time the chinese kids leave, that we are so slow that I get some more time to myself in my own room again.

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