Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today was for the dogs

For my day off today, I decided to spend my morning with the dogs at the kennel, instead of dealing with the crowd of people here on holiday.
The dog I got today is named "Mandy". I was told she was about 10 years old and had not been at the kennel for to long.
When she made up her mind to turn around and head back to the kennel...thats exactly what she did. Even though it rained some yesterday and was sprinkling before I got to the kennel, Mandy was panting as if we were still having a heat-wave.
When I stopped to light a cigarette, she just plopped down in the road and didn't want to move....until I told her that she could go back home.
As soon as I brought Mandy back, the other dogs were jumping around yapping...probably hoping I would take them next. There was 1 dog there that NPS just brought in last night. It had wondered inside the rec center during the short rainstorm yesterday...I'll assume it belongs to a Grand Canyon employee, who was just gone for the holiday and will be home soon and realize where their dog has gone.

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