Monday, July 14, 2008

Xanterra Olympics

Yesterday I went to the "special olympics". I didn't join in any of the events, instead I went around taking pictures of everyone else in the games. I was taking so many pictures that some people asked me if I was working for the newspaper....and wanted to know if my pics would be in the Pinyon Press. So here is a short recap of my day. I liked the picture of Yanaka & Catona (above) cuz Catona did the event barefoot.
This has gotta be 1 of my favorites. Mike had to run up to the guys on boards and pass them an orange & then he got to come back to the start line. Don't think he could stop.

Minerva for the "rooms" team was good at the maze event.

Brenda was a "plugger" for the HR team. The F&B team won first place..the first time, then second place the second time.

Jim & Claire are on the engineering team doing the puzzle event. I was almost gonna sign up for this event. So glad now that I didn't. It woulda been to nerve-wracking and I had more fun taking pictures.

Here's Nancy & Mike showing off the medals that they won.

Carrie is riding while Jack/John pushes her into the finish line. They did good at this game...HR must of tied with another team for the obstucle race cuz they did the whole event twice...but think Jack & Carrie finished first both times.

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Nancy said...

good pics. thanks