Friday, July 11, 2008

comedy team at work

I went into work early today and got this picture of the 2 cooks that I call "Grandpa" (he's in the back). "Uncle Charlie" is in the front making breakfast. Of course neither of them are actually related to me. But they have had the little family names for the last year. I have worked with them since I got here and today was the first time I have gotten a picture of either of them.
These 2 crack me up alot, and this week I am working in the kitchen with them. Another cook at work told me that "Grandpa & "Uncle" remind him of the 2 old guys on the Muppet show that used to sit in the theater balcony complaining about stuff. So now every now & then when these 2 are at it at work...I'll just annouce "oh no, the Muppet Show is back"
Unfortunately, They both are daydreaming about leaving the park. Grandpa has applied for a government job in TX, and Uncle Charlie would like to go back to work at Death Valley.

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