Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back home

Well my vacation didn't go as planned...seems like the more you plan something, the more life wants to throw you a curveball. I spent most of my vacation in Flagstaff by myself...but did get to some film developed...finally and I got to try out a new chinese restaurant.
When I got home I instantly noticed that my Singapore roomie had left (she moved to the cabins by Maswik) so I got the room to myself again...YEE-HAW!

I also had to get over to the rec center for my weekly weigh-in. I lost 3.2 pounds, Bob lost 2.8, and Patty lost 6 pounds this last week. Course I had to ask her how she did it.....she was on a cleansing diet for the week.
Now that I have the room to myself, I could put strawberries, cantaloupe & plain yogurt into the blender this morning at 3:20am, without having to worry about waking anybody else up.

Yesterday when I went back to work, the breakfast cook, Charlie, had a notice on the bulletin board about needing a new roommate...he started joking around & telling people that I was his new roomie.

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