Monday, June 8, 2009

Done with the cafeteria

Today was my last day working at Yavapai..and boy I couldn't wait for 2pm so I could clock out. A couple people wanted me to stay late and a few more told me to make sure to come back.
When Patty put the new schedule up yesterday and my name wasn't on did seem slightly weird but soooo good to know that I would definitely be starting the new job. I think it finally hit some people that I was really leaving when they saw my name left off the schedule. Patty surprised me the other day by giving me a free meal card, as a way to say thank-you for all the work I did.

Dogs & cats must be easier to feed then people!! Co-workers won't be annoying least not after the 2-week training period, cuz usually there is only 1 person working at a time...sometimes 2 people work together and there's only 3 people in this whole park working at the kennel. I told "Grandpa Al" that I would name a stray cat or big dog after him, just so I would have someone to whine to or yell at.

Well I have the next 2 days off and an old co-worker from Maswik agreed to take me to Flagstaff tomorrow after he gets off work. I still need to get rain boots for working at the kennel, and maybe a second hiking pole for my hike to Indian Gardens on the 12th.
Brian also got a new job recently...he is now the resident procter at Victor Hall.

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