Wednesday, July 29, 2009

funny names for dogs

I have to laugh sometimes when people come into the kennel to leave their dogs for a few hours so they can go hiking or on some tour.

Yesterday a couple came in with 2 little dogs named "Brown Sugar & Soda Pop". Seems they used to have a dog named Cinnamon and figured that the name Brown Sugar just went with it.
But I guess the day they got Soda Pop, the wife had opened up a soda and the puppy got all excited when it fizzed up and started licking up the fizz, so they just decided to call the dog soda pop to remember that moment.

Last week, we had a golden lab (I think) come in with the name "Tater Tot". Seems that the wife thought taters were the perfect food and their dog was the perfect pet.

We have 15 stray dogs at the moment. (Brandy in the picture with the last blog found a new home on Sunday). Sometimes if People abandon the dogs with us, we will change the dogs name.
1 high school kid left his dog at the kennel when he moved to Phoenix..he called the dog "Segi" and we are now calling her "Sasha".

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