Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it time for a change?

Here is a little part of an ooold blog I did on myspace:

It takes eighteen months to two years to get used to a place. Generally speaking, if you live somewhere for a shorter span than this, it hasn't had time to change you. No matter how much you hate a place, if you've lived there for two years, you're used to it. Any less time than that and you really don't understand the area. Best way to get to know your new home area is find the public library...they will have info on everything you want to know about. (gee can I sit 18 months in 1 spot anymore....ummm)
Wherever you go, there you are. Its true. I've tested it. Sorry you can't lose yourself...but you might be able to find yourself.

Well I have been at the Grand Canyon for 17 months now...and yes I have been looking for new jobs. Delaware North has some jobs at Niagara Falls, the Kennedy Space Center in FL, and at a place in NH not to far from 2 of my brothers, that at first glance seem like good places to go to.

Then of course different companies have jobs in AK & WA...which would be really cool cuz I have never been to that part of the country, but they wouldn't be year-round jobs. But then do I want a different year-round job...or just a break from here for a few months?

Well I have plenty of time to think it over, because first I need to save $$ for my trip to Colorado to have thanksgiving with a brother & his family and I know if I mention any of this to him, then he will have me make a mental list of the pro's & con's of staying here & moving elsewhere. Well even if I do leave the canyon it won't be until next Springtime anyways,

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