Friday, September 12, 2008

Just when I hoped they gave up

I was just getting used to the idea of having my room to myself, but yesterday when I got home from work a native american came knocking on my door to say that she would be my new roomie. She wanted to stop in before her orientation to meet me...she made a comment about me having lots of stuff & she looked shocked/surprised when I said I get up between 2-3am EVERY morning.

Well I tried re-organize the closet while she was gone and even called the housing office to have someone send up a lamp for her...for some strange reason all the other roomies take the lamp with them when they change rooms. I was already in bed, by the time this roomie came back (and still no lamp for her) so while 1/2 asleep I turned mine on...she gave me some strange story about her nanny/babysitter walked out so she will be leaving the park tomorrow.

Geez...another one bites the dust

And this morning I did good....I stayed in bed till 3:15am. Course she woke up at 4am for a minute and thought I was leaving right away.

Geez, wonder if housing office will learn not to send me any new roomies for the Winter...hell you would think with all the foreign kids going home soon, that they could find space elsewhere.

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