Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is Chelsea. She is a tour guide or something here at the canyon. So on her days off she likes to hike the canyon alot....can you see her feet? She is wearing open-toed sandals and a skirt. Yup, she's nuts. But she is telling a bunch of us about her website for different tours. (or something like that...maybe without the "s") but I figured if I wanted to remember it I had to write it down somewhere...what better place then on my computer.

Do u notice 1 of the fat squirrels behind Chelsea among the rocks...they were everywhere.

This guy ran past me early this morning...he probably ran all the way down to the bottom cuz I never saw him again. But what the heck was his hurry? Ok, so maybe his knees are better then mine...but I enjoyed taking my time watching the birds & squirrels, listening to the crickets (or whatever it was) and taking the time to snap pictures.....which I have a few more pictures on myspace.

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