Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hat Man

His real name is Dave, but we all refer to him as "The Hat Man" Dave & his wife Judy, came to the Grand Canyon last Fall and I was able to get 1 pic of him then when he stopped into Yavapai for lunch wearing a tall flamingo hat. Judy is a retired psychiatric nurse and now makes jokes about Dave being her #1 patient.
This year he brought a duffle bag of hats into Yavapai, and tried them each on while I got to snap pictures of him. He has 334 hats total and he wears them EVERYWHERE. A tour bus full of German guests came into the cafeteria while I was chatting with him & almost all of them were looking & pointing at him as they walked by.
Dave is wearing a special birthday hat even plays music and the top of the hat will move. As you can see, my managers & cashier loved it.


Nancy said...

I thought I recognized him! I remember him from his visit last year.

CrypticFragments said... I don't think I ever saw him while I was there; that's too bad...I think I'd have been asking him for hats to borrow and pose in as you have seen from the page

maybe this coming fall assuming I gt hired back