Saturday, October 25, 2008


As usual, I leave my computer on all night while I'm sleeping...well the other night my computer decided to delete itself of all cookies, everything that I had on my favorites list, wiped out all the music I had saved in I-tunes, limewire & windows media player and every single damn picture that I had saved in my documents....and there must of been a few hundred.
No more watchtower pics, no more pics of the Xanterra olympics or the trips that I went on with Brenda last year or my hiking trips from this year and worst of all...all the pics I had saved of my kids.

I haven't seen 2 of my children in person for a couple years...the youngest 3, I saw for 1 day in the last 3 years. Someday if I live old enough I might end up with alzheimer's my memory might get wiped out like this damn computer...and then what???
Pictures will never replace having actually been there with them...but its all I have...or I should say HAD. Luckily my oldest daughter is nice enough to send me pics once in awhile & a few times I have had to ask her who is even in the picture cuz I wasn't sure.
well as a last resort, today I did a systems restore thingy ( I figured knowing me that I might screw it up even more if I had tried this before) but I got worked!!!!! all my pictures are back. When I restarted my computer...I anxiously waited to see if 1 of my kids pics would pop up as the desktop...and it did! Almost felt like I had just won the lottery when it happened. ok from now on I am saving all the darn pics onto a CD...boy do I have work cut out for me there...LOL

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teenagebimbo said...

thats unlucky. im worse. i have all my pictures - every single picture for the last 5 years of me and my friends. and believe me theres a LOT - on a single memory disk.
not a smart one.
dont no what would happen if i lost it.
i would probably die.
i love going thru photos.
it just reminds me of certain days and events and people that i otherwise forget.
im glad u got everything back.