Sunday, November 2, 2008

Queen of Halloween

This is the pumpkin, that Brenda carved's whats greeting everyone at her door.

Just 1 shot of the treat bags that Brenda was making up for a bunch of people and she went all out this year with them. They were fabulous!!! In fact I am munching on my chocolate-covered pretzel sticks as I am typing this at 3:30am. You probably can't tell, but the stuff is sitting on her bed which has an orangy halloween blanket & pillowcases too.

Here is Brenda making up a goodie bag. She has had halloween music playing on her computer for weeks now which is why her computer is left on behind her.

These looked terrific. She got the idea from a Martha Stewart magazine. Someone at her workplace asked if she could make 20 of these for a kids party next year.

This was the display that she had set up at work. The little brownie coffins were already gone by the time I took this picture.

She may be dressed as a witch, but I will continue to call her "The Queen of Halloween"

We were getting ready to go out to Maswik for the evening & just our luck the bus driver was also dressed up.

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