Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

I'm still in Colorado with my brother's family. My brother was watching the news this morning and it showed where people were camped out in front of stores in little pop-tents waiting for stores to open up. Some stores opened at 4am, others opened up later. But damn I ain't sitting out in a tent in the snow just to wait for a store sale. There ain't nothing I need to shop for that bad.
And 2 guys shot each other in CA, in a "Toys-R-Us".

I did go into the mall here with my niece & nephew after 2pm. My nephew had to get something to go with his "killer Bunny" game and I needed some warm fuzzy socks at Wal-Mart. My neice also complained cuz I wasted $35 on some decoration thingy for my room and 3 magazines at Borders.. My niece got a new game to play on her computer called "Zoo Tycoon", its actually a neat game where she builds her own zoo. My brother and his wife had to go check out "Circut City" cuz they were having a 40% off sale cuz they are going out of business soon.
ok I'll post pictures from Thanksgiving later...but yes dinner was GOOD!

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