Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hermits Road

I missed the ribbon-cutting cermony because I was at work at that time. But after work I took the shuttle bus down to Hermits Rest. I decided to walk back to Pima Point from Hermits. There is a new improved walking/bike trail along the road...well sometimes the trail will go closer to the rim, then the road does. Of course you can still find the oooold trail that has been here many,many years. So while talking to a couple from Canada, I decided I liked the oooold trail better because it got even closer to the rim. silly adventourous couple decided to follow but then the guy started getting nervous when he realized I had never been on that trail and had no idea where it would end up. So the picture right below this is from where we all 3 climbed up to get off the oooold trail

Part of the new walking/bike trail

Some of the improvements that were done to the road...boy oh boy did it ever need improving.

ok, I'm not sure exactly when but the Orphan mine will be taken down soon.

I don't think I have ever seen the old mine as good as I did today. But it's very visible from the new "Powell Memorial" bus stop. I was more impressed with the mine then I was with someone silly idea of a memorial to Powell.

Here is the Powell Memorial. Now does this hunk of cement/stone/whatever give you a sense of what Powell did or was? Sorry but someone wasted alot of time & money on this. I overheard 1 guest wonder if it was for Colin WTF! I wanted to smack him across the head for being so dumb. But then is anyone supposed to know what/who this memorial is for. I mean, not every guest goes to see the movie at IMAX.

I don't really remember what was written on the memorial, but still nothing all that great...nothing about Powell's fearless adventour or his wonder for life.
Even though I was on the Hermits Road for 2 & 1/2 hours yesterday, I didn't get to see everything I wanted. And seeing as the buses won't be going down this road again until March I guess I will have to walk down on a day off.


Nancy said...

good to see you back

CrypticFragments said...

they moved Powell Point? the new road doesn't look any wider, I thought that was a big reason for the upgrade...
I used to walk the ooold West Rim Trail all the way from the village to Hermits! I liked how close to the edge it know me, the crazy one who fell off the Battleship! lol