Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I hate packing

ok, I called housing on Saturday so they could move my 2 shelf units along with a few boxes of books & stuff. I had a headache & stomache was feeling BLAH but I was curious to see what the room actually looked like.
OMG~the bed was sooo high that you can actually fit the little table underneath it and I made a joke to the housing guy about needing a ladder to get up into it. It will be good for extra storage underneath...I even order greenish fabric to tack up to the bed frame to hide the storage stuff (my comforter is mostly a green design~so the fabric will sorta go with it, I hope) , And the room is slightly smaller then the room I have now but of course the room I am in now is supposed to be for 2 people and the new room is ALL MINE!
Seeing as I wasn't feeling the greatest I figured I would wait to move anymore....even though housing office wanted me all moved by Monday (yesterday). Between working and not feeling the greatest, I knew there was no way in hell that I was gonna clock outta work at 2pm and be all done moving before 5pm.
Damn, I wish I could be like the TV show "Bewitched" and just wiggle my nose and have all this stuff instantly moved over.
I think I count 17 boxes, 1 suitcase, 8 bags left to move and then of course my computer, frig, freezer & microwave and laundry cleaners & blankets....damn I have too much stuff.

This morning Stevenson came to see if I had already moved...HaHa, not even close. And Qwest won't switch my phone & internet service over till Friday.

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Sunni-Day said...

and guess who came knocking at my door after 1pm today...yup "Mr Clingy". He was on his way to work..and I was busy packing so I didn't answer the door.