Saturday, November 8, 2008


wow, what a week!

First my cafeteria temporarily closes for Winter and me & all my co-workers get scattered around the park to work elsewhere. I ended up being a line server at Maswik here for the first week and a half (luckily I get put back in the kitchen starting next Thursday), and yesterday I finally get a key to my new room in the "Brown building". I ain't ever even been inside the other dorm before but I'm still psyched about moving.
Boy do I hate packing!!! Ya would think that as many times as I have hopped onto a greyhound bus to move around the country that I would be used to it by now...and have some little packing tricks to make this easier.
...and the best thing is, that I will no longer have to get any new roomies. Yup I got single status. And I won't have to worry about running into "Mr Clingy" in the hallway or have him knocking at my door. I'll be a little closer to the kennels & the rec center & the cafeteria I work at during the Winter, but unfortunately I won't be within walking distance to the store or to Brenda anymore, but hey, ya can't have everything.
So as long as I stay at the Grand Canyon, I am all set with my own space & I have talked to couple other people that live there and they say the rooms are bigger then what I have now....and who knows, I may even get so used to this winter-time gig, that maybe I will stay there also instead of going back to Yavapai cafe. Not exactly sure yet which area of the kitchen they will put me in next week, but either pantry or steamer will be fine with me.

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