Sunday, November 23, 2008

$75 VS $195

To fly out of the little airport outside of this national park, employees can get a local discount for a stand-by seat.....but if the plane is full (it probably holds less the a dozen people) you are outta luck and don't get to fly, but if there is room on the plane then the seat cost $75.

If u want to guarantee a seat and pay full price, then u pay $195....and I wanted to guarantee a seat on the yup I dished out the $$ extra $120 just to make sure I got to vegas with plenty of time to make my connecting flight onto Denver. Coming back home I will be on stand-by so at least the trip back from Vegas will be cheaper.

Sure is highway robbery...or should I say "skyway" robbery seeing as I won't be on the road.

So anyways...I'll be leaving the canyon area on Tuesday the 25th at 10am. I'm flying from Tusayan-Vegas, then Vegas-Denver and hope like hell that I don't get stranded in a Denver snowstorm to prevent me from coming back home on time.

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