Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Xanterra Christmas Party

I guess Glen is giving out backrubs for Christmas
This is Rebecca..she was waiting for her "date" to show up.

Matt~sure looks like a naughty elf to me

Patty must of thought she was "Vanna White" showing off some of the desserts.

Manu and her son...never woulda guessed it was her son if I hadn't of seen her chasing him down. He's 21 months old, so he was born a couple weeks after I got to the canyon.

Bob was trying to get the people serving to sing Christmas songs, but it wasn't working.

Santa's helpers was waiting for Santa to show up.

Me & Sheri sitting on Santa...I'm sure we musta broke his legs here. I had to work tonight, but was able to take a long break (I was gone almost 2 hrs from work). Yup I got switched back to night shift this week at Maswik and by the looks I will stay on nightshift until Yavapai opens back up.

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