Tuesday, May 19, 2009

abscess teeth

Well yesterday, I went to the clinic because my face was swelled up and teeth were throbbing. I got antibiotics and tylenol w/ codeine. The new doctor actually paid for the meds himself cuz I didn't have enough $$. The clinic here even called the clinic in Flagstaff to find out the hours for me to go in for emergency care. I'd have to be there at 7:45am to walk in for emergency care...which means I would have to be in Flagstaff the night before in order to do that.

I already paid for the rec center trip on the 26th, so I guess I'll just get a 1-way ride with them and stay down in Flagstaff at the hostel. Will also try to get on ACCCHS while I'm down there too. ACCCHS doesn't usually pay for adult teeth unless its an emergency and seeing as 1/2 my face is swelled up this might count as an emergency. Guess its about time to have all my top teeth pulled as none of them are any good.

I went into work this morning and Michael sent me home..saying "I looked to terrible to be at work today". This morning I was waiting for the shuttle to get to work and was trying to explain to some hikers about the Kiabab Express bus and 1 guy had me repeat stuff 5 or 6 times cuz he had a hard time understanding me as I was having a hard time talking.

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