Sunday, September 13, 2009

To leave or not to leave~Q of the week

ok, I'm a bit stuck at the moment and not totally sure what to do.

I might have a job working at a hostel for 2 nights a week. I'll get free rent, free food, free wi-fi and its close enough to make it to my sons graduation next June, without the hassles I get here about needing time off. I can also work an extra day if I want to for extra $$.

?Will I like the job? ?Will I like the location in Winter? (IDK)

This was quite a shock to Brenda today. I sent her an email before I went to work today telling her about it. She was surprised that I would actually leave the Grand Canyon park. But geez, the park ain't going nowhere, which means I can always come back in a year if I want to. Actually leaving Brenda behind is the hardest thing about this decision. Brenda is probably the main reason I have stayed put here as long as I have.

But would Brenda still be here in a year??? Maybe if she gets the new promotion that she is hoping for. geez, if damn management had just let me stay in Maswik kitchen like I had wanted I wouldn't of even thought of leaving right now...but since when do I get what I want? I guess out of all the jobs I've had here at GC, I liked working in Maswik Kitchen last winter the best but that didn't last long enough.

Well, I guess whoever is reading this will have to stay tuned and wait for further updates later.

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