Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's September~and more changes

Shower & laundry are done for work and it's not even 4am yet. Actually I work today & tomorrow then have 2 days off, go back to work 2 days and then have Wednesday off.
Crazy work schedule!!

With such a crazy schedule I am thinking of going on a smooth river raft trip this week...but who knows as my plans change everyday or sometimes every hour. But the weather should be good for a river trip on Wednesday...partly cloudy and around 90 degrees at the river.
A smooth-river raft trip is something I have been wanting to do for the last 3 years but for some reason or another, I have just not gone yet.

What in the world am I waiting for??? There will never be a perfect day to go...a day where I have $$ to spend on leisurely things like this, or a day where I have nothing more important to do, or a day when I am not to tired, No day with perfect weather all day long, or whatever.
All I know is that I don't want to leave the GCNP for any reason and then later say "geez, I wish I had done that river trip", instead I want to look back on my time here and be able to remember a river trip as a day worth every second.

Besides if Amy Tacey could do all her adventures while going through cancer treatments...then I really have no excuse at all.
And besides, I need some new spots to take more pictures. I will just have to figure out how to protect the camera from water while I am taking pictures.

As I was typing this, I could feel myself getting excited about doing something new & different. So even though Brenda has to work on Wednesday; I will still go by myself. So while I'm off for the weekend I will clean my room a bit & then Wednesday will be my big day.

Labor day is also coming up...the last official holiday of the Summer season. Wonder how slow business will get after that. Also when I got back to the canyon yesterday, I learned that I didn't get the concierge job that I had applied for because they gave it to someone with more front desk experience. I just have to wonder how the hell do you get the experience if nobody will give it to you. So for now I will stay at the cafeteria....good thing I like my early morning schedule and I like seeing most of my co-workers.
Had to edit this after getting home from work.
Like I said, my plans can change by the hour and something came up beyond my control. So the river trip I mentioned above will just have to be postponed until sometime in October.

I checked my mail during my break at work and I had an invitation to my brother's retirement ceremony on the 17th of September. After 25 years in the USAF, he is finally retiring. So luckily my manager did a last minute switch-a-roo with next week's schedule and told me I could have a week's vacation and the first 3 days of the following week; so I'll be off from the 13th-25th.
Luckily all this is while our international kids are still here.

So I guess I'm going on a financial diet until after this trip...meaning I'll be scraping for pennies until next month.

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