Sunday, September 5, 2010

Planning my next vacation

Well I was a little surprised to get an invitation to my brother's retirement ceremony that will take place on the 17th. Even a bit surprised that my managers were so willing to play 'switch-a-roo' with the schedules and give me so much time off so I could go.

So I will fly out of Phoenix on the 13th and arrive in Washington DC late that night. The round-trip tickets cost $240.88 and my brother said he will pay me back for my flight. My sis-in-law & kids will get there on the 16th. It was funny when I gave my brother a list of stuff I wanted to see while I was there: Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, White House, National Zoology Park, National Arbutrium, a museum and maybe the library of Congress & the Vietnam Wall Memorial.

My brother's response was: you sure don't want much :0)

Now History & politics was never my favorite subject in school and touring capital hill was never on any list of must-do things in life, but what the heck...why not enjoy it at least once.

Planning vacations can be frustrating...trying to figure out shuttle schedules, connecting flights and arrival times that are ok.

But Vacations away from home can be fun...time to do something different, explore a new location, eat at new restuarants, recharge near the water, and just relax with a baby brother. oh either 1 of us know how to relax???

Well he told me to pack light so, I will have the backpack for my camera & laptop & books to read while waiting to change planes in Atlanta,GA. I will also have 1 small suitcase for clothes.

Seeing as this trip is for my brother and it is in Washington DC, I needed some dressy clothes.

The small suitcase makes it seem like I'm packing to much as I usually just like taking the backpack.
So at this moment I am more than half-way packed up for this trip now.

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