Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Burns like Hell!

This morning I was making some new Thai Curry rice stuff in the microwave. After heating it up for the 8 minutes required, I went to take it out to stir it up, well I ended up dumping the stuff down my leg. OMG! talk about hot. Luckily I had some ice but eventually made my way down to Maswik to get some burn cream or something from their first aid kit.
Rebecca asked what happened and when I told her, she asked me if I wanted her to call someone to take me to the clinic. Seeing as I have no insurance I said, no. And then told her that I would see her later...seeing as I'm schedule to be at work at 3pm today.

Boy years ago when my son was about 3, he wanted to help by getting my cup of coffee out of the microwave when I was busy and wasn't looking at what he was doing. The coffee went down his chest. Luckily he was so young that he has no burn scar from it.
But man..this is the worst I have ever burned myself (enough to take some skin off, geez I would like to take some fat off my leg but guess I should leave the rest of the skin on)

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