Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just a little update

HURRAY, Brenda got home from the hospital on Dec 27th...still on oxygen though, but at least she's feeling better, well at least good enough to drive herself to the clinic now with oxygen tank in tow.(as long as someone goes with her to help with o2 tank) People at HR set up a fund raiser (Navajo Taco Sale & raffle) last weekend and made over $1,400 for Brenda. Someone who works at the clinic won 1 of Brenda's fairies and LOVED it, she is now gonna bug Brenda about making them to sell everytime she sees Brenda at the clinic. (which will be every week for awhile).

Brenda's roomie (Doris) is leaving for a couple months. Guess that can be good or bad, depending on how u want to look at it. Maybe I should be nice and go offer to help her pack...LOL

I'm still in the Brown Building..ordered some new exercise equipment that should be here later this week. (Body Flex Cardio Dual Trainer~elliptical machine & exercise bike-all in one) good thing I have my own room so whatever I buy won't get in anyone else's way. Yup, another reason for me to re-organize my room.
The rec center is starting up the "Biggest Loser~Grand Canyon style" again on Feb 1st. I will be on a different team this time. This time I need to get serious about it cuz I think I've gained all the weight back that I lost last time.

I'm still working at Maswik and will be there longer this year. I guess seeing as the world is feeling an economy crunch, people are not booking enough rooms at the canyon this winter so Yavapai won't be opening on time. First I heard that it would open in mid-March then the other day someone told me that Yavapai won't open until mid-April.
Last Wednesday I had to go to HR to take a random drug test...of course I passed it with no problems.
Actually I am ok with staying at Maswik is closer to where I live now and I am also enjoying the other cooks at Maswik and I also get to do more in Maswik kitchen then I could in Yavapai's kitchen. Even though I will miss the salad bar at Yavapai. This will give me more time to see if I want to stay at Maswik for good.

The burn on my leg is slowly healing~actually its itchy and annoying the heck outta me, but should be ok when once its all healed.

Well I have stuff to do before going into work at 2pm (today is my Monday). So whoever is reading this~~I hope you're having a great day.

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