Sunday, February 1, 2009

I'm finally back online

My computer mouse had died on me for almost 2 weeks...the batteries had leaked all through the mouse and so it stopped working. I finally went to Prescott yesterday and bought a new wireless mouse. I even had 6 days off work in a row..while the computer was down (talk about going nuts~I start back to work tonight)

So without a computer, I went to bed little earlier at night and got up later in the mornings....well execpt for the morning I decided to go on the "sunrise tour". It was a pretty sunrise but my hands froze.

Now just before my computer mouse died, I got a letter in the mail from the court in NH, saying that the state of NH and my ex-husband were taking me to court on Feb 10th...course most everything I needed for court is on my computer or in e-mail. So I went to the park headquarters twice to print some stuff out.

I started spending to much time thinking of the kids and the ex and dumb court stuff while my computer was I started blaming my stress on "computer withdrawal". Boy oh boy, it's nice to be back online. I guess that if I ever do go to another park, it will have to be a park with internet access for sure.

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