Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This was taken from inside the van, while on the rec center trip.
At the end of the day I went with some friends downtown. They wanted to visit some yarn shop near the courthouse. Right next to the yarnshop is an amazing art gallery. I fell in love with this table and couldn't resist getting a picture (for which I was told that the gallery doesn't allow pictures being taken). But there were paintings/drawings that were also amazing.

Just thought these fire hydrants were cute...they were around the corner from the yarnshop and some yummy bakery.

My friend, Debbie was sitting outside of the yarnshop eating ice cream.

You know when you're in Prescott, when you see the rock formations. I took these out the van window as we were driving by. Would be cool to drive yourself down and get out to walk around...I'm sure all the shadows among the rocks would make really cool pictures. Geez when did I start falling in love with rock piles???

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Nancy said...

when did you fall in love with rock piles???? you live in the grand canyon remember?!