Saturday, February 7, 2009

walking to Brenda's favorite tree spot

Well here's Brenda adjusting something on her camera. First time she has been to the rim since her ordeal in the hospital. She walked the trail from the Shrine to the rim without using her oxygen (yes I brought it just IN CASE it was needed)

The PT guy, Tom, had told Brenda to wear a scarf on the walk & she did admit that it helped alot. 1 pic, she is sitting and just enjoying the view watching the storm clouds. Other picture she was just walking towards the tree as I clicked my camera.

As you can see the clouds were getting darker and it seemed to me, like there might of been a snowstorm over at the North Rim.
We were outside walking for about 1 1/2 hrs or more...the wind started picking up as we were heading back to Brandt Hall. The computer said it was supposed to rain and/or snow this weekend...but so far~NOTHING, in fact the sun is shining. I swear that sometimes the weatherman must use some old "crazy 8" ball to predict the weather.

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