Thursday, November 19, 2009

Deer Farm

Here's Christine and her husband John. (both are taxi driver's in the park)

They had gone to the deer farm last year...but I have never been before. It cost us each $8.50 to get in which was expensive...then we had to pay for the cups of food (which didn't last to long)

Don't really think Christine liked having all the deer crowding her.

John decided to play photographer here and got a bunch of pics of me & Christine feeding the deer...actually the deer will eat ANYTHING!
They started chewing on the back of my shirt and I even had to get my keys out of 1 deer's mouth.

(obviously this was taken before I hid the keys down inside my shirt...cuz I can still see them hanging)

ok whats a camel doing in a deer farm?

Actually there are wallaby's, llama's, quite a few different birds, mini donkeys and other animals at this place...who woulda guessed it?

Deer kept chewing on Christine's coat and pulling on the tie-strings.
Good thing the deer in the park don't do this...or people would not be able to walk around here. We always say the animals in park are not afraid of people...well believe me it ain't nothing like the animals at the deer farm.

John found a new date as we were

this bird could only say John stopped to talk back to it.

I had run into Christine yesterday morning in e-cafe and she invited me to tag along with her & John while they ran errands and paid glad I did.

It was a fun day!!...went to deer farm, 2 thrift shops, had lunch at some chinese food place next to "Dollar Tree", picked up a hitch-hiker on the way to a casino (I lost $10), and then Fry's before heading back home. Which made for a long day.

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