Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day

My younger brother, Lt. Col. Allan Conkey is getting sworn into his newest job in Washington D.C. (this pic is from a change-of-command ceremony last June)
He has been in the USAF for 24 years now
This is Philip. I think the picture was taken while he was in South Korea. He recently got back in Ft Hood,TX...which had some unfortunate crazy excitement this week. Luckily Phil is safe and thinks we are all silly for worrying about him. Phil has been in the Army for only 3 years and is thinking of getting out.

This picture below is Adam, when he first joined the Army. He has been to Iraq twice and now stationed in Hinesville,GA.

I may not always agree with these 3 guys on every subject that pops up, but am sooo glad I have the right to freedom of speech and the freedom to disagree with them when ever I want and the freedom to come & go when ever the mood strikes me, and of course tons of other freedoms that I'm sure I take for granted without even thinking of them.
I guess I need to say Thank-You to them more often for my freedoms.
*around the canyon*
Well I seem to be having Monday-Wednesdays off from work this month. Not sure how I forgot, but went to marketplaza to get my mail & go to the bank...oh yeah, post office & banks are closed for the holiday today...DUH
Guess I will have to go into bank before work tomorrow, seeing as my atm card ain't working.

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may they be honored on this special day!!