Wednesday, December 2, 2009

11 down & 1 more to go

Yup, its December again, almost the end of 2009. We got snow the weekend before December but it pretty much melted now...but still cold & windy....around 50 degrees during the daytime, but when the wind gets to 15 mph like they are this week, it can feel colder and I can still whine when I get cold.

Patty is moving to Parrish,FL tomorrow. So in this pic she is "trying" to teach Bob how to assign stations & breaks for the lineservers. Bob will be Yavapai's new FOH manager.
The schoolyard was FULL of elk, the whole field must of had about 3 dozen of the critters all at 1 time there. I got this pic as I was on my way to Patty's going away party.

So now that Yavapai is closed again, I'll be back at Maswik for the Winter, working as a lineserver. I have asked for my vacation time to be in December. Don't plan on going anywhere but the time off to organize my room more will be good.
But I told Patty, to plan on me knocking on her door in FL, either Dec 2010/Jan 2011. So Susan if you're reading this...I'll need your address so I can knock on your door too.
About the only thing special this month is the Christmas Bazaar at the Grand Hotel in Tusayan on the 5th (and I'll be so glad when its over) and then the employee christmas party on the 15th...which I have already asked for the night off just so I can go.
1 thing about the winter season~its easier to get days off when you ask for them.
~* almost forgot*~ I actually went christmas shopping today...for my ex in-laws (of all people) so much for my reputation of being a scrooge. Actually I don't even remember the last time I bought them anything. But for whatever reason they have sent me cards and stuff quite a few times this year & last year. Luckily the gift shops have a 40% dicount going on right now. I bet they will be surprised this year.

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