Saturday, May 22, 2010

around the area
a story about a new wildlife park called Bearizona. It opens today.
I still haven't really figured out who's blog that is, but they have wonderful pics of different spots within the GC park that I haven't seen for myself....yet
I don't know Jason either...but his blog is interesting even if I don't agree with his blogs about Phantom Ranch.
I just came across this site...and it mentions their hike/run from the South rim-to-North rim-and back to South rim (R2R2R). I remember some guys eating at Yavapai Cafe about the time this was it might have been them.
Hell I'll be lucky to get down to Phantom & back up.....but then Christine is going in October and maybe I'll go with her.
Yesterday, soon after I clocked into work...the manager thought she heard an alarm over
at the bank. When her boyfriend called and said that he could also hear it over by the
El Tovar, we knew it wasn't the bank. All the switchboard would tell us was that "They
were not at liberty to discuss it". I had to wait all day to read about it on the NPS website.

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