Sunday, May 23, 2010

Canyon Fairies

Sunday has been my day lately to hang out at Brenda's place. So I brought the new lens and took a bunch of pictures of the fairies she had made. (only posting 3 below)
I still think she should set up her own shop to sell them somewhere or go to someone elses shop and see if they will sell them for her.

Good thing these fairies aren't real people because they would of been complaining about posing so long. But it was fun trying out different lighting stuff while using the zoom lens.
Unfortunately it was to windy outside to take pictures of them outdoors.

Winter Fairy~I liked this background best for this fairy. Made me think of the red rock wall that you come onto as you are heading to the 1.5 mile resthouse.

This is her latest fairy. I call it the cactus fairy. I think its also the first completed fairy with hands too.

I LOVE this one...the wings, costume & cactus flower are terrific!

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