Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New backpack

Those pictures are from which is where I got my new backpack yesterday. It has plenty of room for my digital camera & laptop plus little pockets that I'll fill with a few odds&ends for my trip next week. I don't have the tripod though thats in the above pic.
The backpack looks bigger then I expected.

I'm only allowed to bring 1 camera onto the plane, which is ok...just means that I'll be changing lens often. I'm recharging batteries now to make sure they are ready. Someday I want to get another digital camera so that I won't have to keep changing lenses.

With my laptop & camera all in 1 bag....seems like I could live out of this 1 bag. Guess if I ever get fired and forced to leave or if I ever do decide to transfer to another park, this will be the 1 bag I will be taking with me to start over somewhere.

I'm assuming I'll be working the next 6 days straight, as my vacation starts on June 1st.
I fly out of PHX airport on the 2nd.
Course I assume that my mom will complain that I didn't bring enough clothes. Well I will admit there isn't much room in this backpack for clothes, but I would rather have the camera & laptop then a bunch of clothes...besides that's what washer & dryers were invented for.

Good Motto~
"No place is boring if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed memory cards for a digital camera."

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