Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ready for my trip

Yesterday at work, I would remind people on how many more hours I had left till I was officially on vacation. At the end of my shift, Barb (the kitchen manager) said I had been on vacation all day.

Well backpack is all packed and with the laptop & all the camera stuff it weighs under 20 pounds (I weighed it at backcountry office). In order to carry it on the plane with me, it had to weigh less then 35 pounds.

Liz was on facebook today and said she wants to pick me up in Boston and have me spend a night at her place....cool I guess I don't have to worry about spending the night and catching the bus the next morning.

ok, I'm sitting at Maswik Cafe now and I have another hour and a half to wait for shuttle. I leave here about 4:15 and get to PHX airport at 9pm.

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