Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3rd payday this month

It doesn't happen often (about twice a year), but we had 3 paydays in June.

Todays Paycheck:
worked~68.73 hours
Take home pay~$255.53
$127.76 went into my savings account and as of today, I have about $325 saved in that account right now. Saving money sorta reminds me of the old tale "The Grasshopper & The Ant". The grasshopper would be someone who spends the whole paycheck on fun stuff or materialistic stuff and the ant would be the person trying to save as much as they can.

The state of NH is still taking money out for 3 kids, even though Kevin is now 18 and graduated from high school. It was supposed to be 40% for 3 kids before and now it should be 30% for 2 kids...but NH is not very good with math. Time to get my papers together to send to NH.

I've actually done ok, since they started taking money out. Course I don't go online shopping every week like I used to.
Maybe I will go to Jerome on July 10th with Brenda & Doris. I don't really need to shop but I sure will take tons of pictures. My manager, Adam, just came by and saw me looking up info about Jerome and told me some story about a ghost going bowling above his head in the Asylum hotel/Restaurant.

I finally contacted Qwest yesterday to have wi-fi in my room again. Figured wi-fi in my room would be better for me then a cell phone (at least for now). wi-fi in my room will cost about $25/month for the first 6 taxes/fees. After 6 months it will be $45/month.

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