Thursday, June 17, 2010

Paycheck update

I got the 40 hrs of vacation pay
just under 38 hrs of regular work time
8 hrs of holiday pay
total of almost 86 hrs.....
for about $352 take home pay after all the deductions

rent~$31.14 (for 2 weeks)
State of NH~$195.25
total taken out is $311.14 WOW!

So far I spent about $46 from this paycheck for the Co-op food baskets that will be delivered this Saturday. I'll probably call a taxi to get the food all home...and I have the $6 cab fare in my pocket now.
I'm sure I will buy a newspaper this week and a few meals during lunch break at work, but I have the change for all that in my room without touching any money in the bank.

But other then that I'm pretty sure I won't really need anything before I get the next paycheck, which means all the rest of the check I got yesterday can just sit in the bank.

It's pretty cool to think that sometimes I work in this cafeteria just so I am able to live at the Grand Canyon National Park, because obviously I don't really need 1/2 the money I bring home.
And seeing as I have tomorrow off work, I'm gonna go out walking the rim trail & take pictures and enjoy the view of my backyard.


Brenda said...

NH sure like to take out the money!

Sunni-Day said...

yes, NH does take out a big chunk of my paycheck but after 15 months of them doing it...I'm still surviving pretty good.