Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flagstaff Hostel & Lunch

Lunch today at "Biff's Bagels". I had them hold the olives on my sandwich. Today was the first day I ever tried greek yogurt...its really good.
I first found this place 3 yrs ago when I was on my way up to the canyon to start work and I have loved it ever since.

Common living area at the hostel...lady in the pic was originally from Canada, but said she came here from NY.

First time I ever stayed here and had the dorm room all to myself.

a few interesting people I shared breakfast with.
These 4 were from France & Holland.

The outside of the building don't look all the special...but its a great place to stay, and probably 1 of the cheapest places in town.
They even picked me up at the greyhound station the night before in the white van.
Which was really nice because I started my day off in Boston,MA and ended it in Flagstaff, I was tired.

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