Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I haven't gone into work to pick up a copy of paystub...but checked account online earlier and I got $350 as take-home pay. Course that doesn't tell me how much the state of NH took out.
The $350 gets divided so 1/2 goes in checking account & 1/2 goes into savings account. So at this moment I have $197 in savings account that I plan on leaving there.

Been listening to co-workers make comments all week about how they were in a hurry for payday. Had someone sound surprised when they saw me pull two $20 bills out of my pocket yesterday. It seems alot of my co-workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. Meaning they spend all of 1 paycheck days (or a week) before the next payday.

I can't figure out how some co-workers can call themself an adult when they have to call their parents for money every week just so the co-worker can pay their phone/internet bills or go clothes shopping. I always thought adults paid their own bills.
Course I have a bill from the clinic & an old court bill I ain't paid either but at least I ain't begging no family member to pay them for me.
Now "if" Xanterra puts $175 every payday, then all I would have to do is wait for 9 more paydays and the old court bill would be paid off. "IF" I decide to use the savings acct for that.

I found some clothes at the rec center today. (actually just a pair of jeans & a jumper) I have more clothes then I really need (or wear) already at home, so I will have to weed more clothes out and bring up a bag of stuff that I don't really wear on Saturday when I come up for the food Co-Op.

Now I wouldn't really be depriving myself of anything important by keeping 1/2 the paycheck in the bank. All I really "NEED" to buy is food & laundry supplies. Less clothes will mean less laundry and buying from the food co-op will mean better/ healthier food. I have almost everything I really need for day-to-day living because I have bought so much stuff in the past.

Even though I did buy a few books from amazon this week (lately I fall asleep with a book) and have been looking at different cell phones and trying to decide if I want to buy an iphone or a straight-talk tracphone. Different employees here at Grand Canyon have both phones so I know that they both work in this area, and both phones have internet & text messaging. Best thing about straight-talk is that there would be no 2 year contract with a phone company.

For whatever reason I have been reading blogs/websites on how different people make money with their blogging...Some people claim to make more money in a week then I do in 1 or 2 months at work.
so I might just stop writing for this blog and start a new one, when I figure it all out.

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